How to play color lines

Color lines is a logical game in which the player is required to create lines from balls of the same color. A maximum of 5 to 9 balls can be placed in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If, after a player’s move, standing balls are found on the field, they explode and points are awarded to the player.

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Game Color Lines

Color lines

It is necessary to line up as many balls of the same color as possible. This game is sometimes called “Color Lines 98.”

Play time is not limited. You can safely go for coffee, come back and continue to play in colored lines. The game will patiently endure your absence.

Select the planet once by clicking on the game cell. The planet will begin to spin. After that, click on an empty cell and the planet will move to this cell, provided that it is possible to lay a route there. After the move, three new planets will appear on the field.

If adjacent planets of the same color are found on the game board after your move, they will be destroyed. The more planets were destroyed in one line, the more points will be awarded to you.

In the table you can see the number of credited coins per line from the planets:

5 planets – 5 coins

6 planets – 7 coins

7 planets – 9 coins

8 planets- 11 coins

9 planets- 14 coins

If you liked the classic color lines, do not waste time, it’s time to play.

New Color Lines

We allowed ourselves to change the game a little, making it more dynamic. Sometimes the desire to change the usual monotonous life by adding peppercorns to it.

“Timed game” is a game mode in color lines, in which you are given one minute to rearrange and destroy balls (planets).

Timing game at Color Lines

In this case, the game has the usual rules of colored lines. A store has been added to the game, with which you can make purchases on coins earned at the time of the explosions. For example, buy yourself another minute of playing time.

Color Lines Shopping Store

Below is a complete list of purchases that can be made in the game store (remember that at the time of purchase, the game does not stop):

Buy water​

Buy water​

Adds 60 seconds of playing time.

Change Issuance

Change Issuance

There is a change in the color of the planets in the next spawn. The probability of changing the color of the first planet is 100%, the second – 90%, the third – 75%.

Set the planet

Set the planet

The planet of the selected color can be set in the cell on the field. In this case, there is no new spawn of planets on the playing field.



The selected planet will be teleported to another place on the playing field.

Death Star

Death Star

There is the destruction of 7 planets on the game board (the choice of planets is random).

If you liked the new color lines, allow yourself a few minutes of the game.

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