How to play Tetris

Tetris is a logical game in which the player is required to create horizontal lines from falling blocks of various shapes. If there are no voids in one line, the line burns out, and points are awarded to the player. The game will be over if the player allows the overflow of the playing field (glass).

Игра Tetris

Tetris game

Tetris is a puzzle using several types of geometric shapes. The main task of the player is to prevent overflowing the glass. From the figures falling from above, you need to create horizontal lines, in this case the row will be destroyed, and points will be awarded to the player.

When scoring in our game, the following calculation scheme is used:

Destruction of one line – 5 points

The simultaneous destruction of two lines – 12 points

The simultaneous destruction of three lines – 18 points

The simultaneous destruction of four lines – 24 points

That is, for each line the game will accrue 5 points and add 1 point, for the destruction of additional lines.

In this case, with each destroyed line, the game will increase the speed of falling figures. This is not a significant increase in speed, but if you play for a long time and score a lot of points, you will need full concentration and speed in making decisions.

You can control the game using the keyboard. The arrow buttons and the W, A, S, D keys will help you with this. To quickly lower the block to the bottom of the glass, you can use the space bar.

In the mobile version of the game, you can use the buttons on the phone screen.

Game Control Tetris

If you need to pause the game, click the “Help” button. At this moment, the timer with the falling Tetramino will freeze. He will continue his work after closing the popup.

When you exit the site, the game will remember the current field and the falling (current) Tetramino at the moment. Later, you can continue the game from the moment you left the site.

If you like the Tetris game, do not waste time, it’s time to play.

Insert Tetris

You can use the tetris game on any page of your site for free. The longer the visitor stays on your site or on his specific page, the better your site will be ranked by search engines. Accordingly, the task of any site owner is to retain visitors. But it’s so hard to do. On the Internet, fierce competition for almost any product. But there is a solution, you can embed the Tetris game on your website.

Copy the code and paste into your page. Window dimensions can be changed in the “width” and “height” parameters.

<div class="row justify-content-center no-gutters text-center">
    <div class="col-12">
        <iframe src="" width="800" height="640"></iframe>

The game is implemented on a class (prototype), so you should not have any difficulties while using it with other objects on a web page (encapsulation).

Tetris game history

The Tetris game was invented and developed in 1980 of the last century. A brilliant idea occurred to Alexei Pazhintov, a programmer working at the USSR Academy of Sciences. The first implementation of this program was made in Pascal. The computer Electronics-60 was used.

The commercial version of the Tetris game appeared a few years later and gained immense popularity. Over the next 20 years, the game has been ported to many platforms and devices. Implemented in dozens of programming languages. Some enthusiasts built it into soldering irons and oscilloscopes. But she received the greatest distribution in game consoles, of all types.

Video Tetris

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