Web разработка и фотография

Web Development, Photography and Robotics

The Community of Old Men, unites people of interest in the development of WEB technologies, robotics, photography and working with various programs for processing / creating graphics. The skills of working with 3D printers, electron microscopes and 3D scanners are welcome.

Web development

This is the process of creating a web application or website. Allocate front end and back end development. In the first part, the client part of the program is created (design, interfaces, usability). In the second part, the logic of the program on the server side is written (business logic, architecture, database, authorization).

FrontEnd development:




Hypertext Markup Language. He is responsible for the location of your texts, figures, tables in the document.

Style Description Language, for HTML tags. Allows you to give the appearance of an element or group of identical elements.

The programming language that has found the widest application in browsers to give interactivity to web pages.

BackEnd development:



Server programming language. The language is designed to write server-side scripts.

Server-side programming language, which is based on event-oriented programming. Events from the client side or from other programs and threads force the server to perform functions attached to these events.

The most interesting discoveries are made at the junction of several sciences. For a person of a “technical” mentality, topics close to WEB development cannot but be interesting. Website design can be done using your photos. An electronic device, such as a 3D scanner, can create a 3D model of an object that will be used on the site. Robotics is very close to programming, they already write their framework’s for it.


The world around us is changing. Capture this continuous run of events is capable of photography. She is able to keep the memory of past moments, the memory of joys, in a small eternity measured out to us.

Electronic devices help us solve many domestic problems and work. However, time does not stand still and devices of a new era are becoming widely available: 3D printers, 3D scanners, and Electron microscopes. The functionality and capabilities of these devices will allow us to learn and create something fundamentally new for each of us.



The direction of robotics, which consists of the implementation of artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science for the design, construction and use of robots.

We will try to keep up with the times and keep up with any technical innovations that enter our life every day.